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Behind the Scenes

Vanessa WaltonComment

Take a peek behind the scenes of our editorial photo shoot for the Rococo Garden gown featured in Plenilune Magazine with photographer Sylvia Gunde and model Jolien Rosanne. You can purchase your copy of the magazine to see the full editorial and read an interview with me here.

Shot in Southern California, we assumed the weather would fair on our side, as it had been, with bright clear skies and deeply hued sunsets in a myriad of warm and cool hues.
... We assumed wrong.
Rain on the forecast that we attempted to schedule around, but each time we moved the shooting schedule, the rain came to meet us.
As our lovely model was only in town for a few days more, we stuck to our plan, embraced the diffused light of the cloud cover and to our glee the soft rainfall added a fresh and romantic element.

Muddy shoes and happy hearts ~ I love this team of creatives! So honored to work with them to create such beautiful imagery!

A special thank you to Sarah, JoEllen and Marijn

xo Vanessa