Creature of Habit

Our story and process...

Style and Quality

Each Creature of Habit garment is hand-made to your measurements and specifications. These pieces are crafted with utmost care and their quality cannot be compared with mass-produced items. Please keep this in mind when contacting us.

Custom Commissions with Creature of Habit

Requirements and information for placing a custom design order with us are below. We would love to bring your concept to life in the form of wearable art!

  1. Creature of Habit creates one-of-a-kind designs. Thusly, we will not duplicate an existing design nor will we make an exact replica of a movie costume or illustrated/animated character. We are happy to craft a design for you inspired by a character or idea that you have, and we will work with you to make sure that it meets your needs and vision.
  2. Because of the labor intensive nature of hand-made garments and the amount of detail that we pour into our creations, we ask that you inquire with us at minimum two months prior to you needing the completed pieces.
  3. We aim to use high quality materials and techniques when fabricating your design - dupioni silk is our favorite! We are happy to discuss material options with you and send you swatches of fabrics and trims once a design has been decided upon.
  4. If you are local to the Los Angeles area, we may schedule an in-person fitting for your garment. If you are out of state, we are happy to discuss the option of a remote fitting.